LAGOS jewelry is handcrafted from 925 sterling silver and eighteen karat gold. As with all sterling silver, LAGOS silver will eventually tarnish. You will notice that the recessed areas are darker in contrast to the surface areas.  This is a signature feature of our designs. The proper storage and care of your jewelry will help to preserve the appearance and condition of your piece for many years of enjoyment. Here are some helpful suggestions to care for your LAGOS jewelry:

  • Periodically examine your clasps and closures to ensure a secure fit.
  • Do not place your jewelry directly into any liquid cleansers as this will compromise the finish of your LAGOS piece.
  • Always put your LAGOS jewelry on after you are dressed to avoid contact with hair products, perfumes, cosmetics or lotions. Overtime, these products will result in a residue on your jewelry that will dull the signature LAGOS finish.
  • Do not wear LAGOS jewelry in the ocean, hot tub, pool, bath or shower as water, heat or chlorine will damage your piece.
  • Maintain your jewelry. For a nominal fee, any piece that cannot be cleaned at home to your satisfaction can be sent to LAGOS.

To care for your product simply use the polishing cloth that was provided with your purchase. The LAGOS polishing cloth has two parts; a white inner cloth for cleaning and a beige outer cloth for polishing.  The white inner cloth contains our unique formula of precious metal cleaning agents and applies an anti-tarnish barrier to your sterling silver and gold. As you use the cloth you will notice that the dark tarnish appears. The outer cloth gently polishes and buffs your piece. PLEASE NOTE: The inner white cloth is not suitable for all jewelry materials. Do not use the inner white cloth to clean pearls,  doublets or gemstones. Only the outer cloth is acceptable for cleaning all jewelry surfaces.

Store your new piece in a jewelry pouch or box. Exposure to the air and humidity will increase the tarnishing of your piece – proper storage will keep your piece looking new. Place each piece by itself in your jewelry box; not in direct contact with other pieces. This will prevent scratching or damage to gemstones, pearls or doublets. To keep your LAGOS jewelry in its original, exceptional quality use your LAGOS polishing cloth prior to storing your piece each and every time.

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