arrival and check-in

Each year the LAGOS Sample Sale grows in its devotees! At LAGOS we make every effort to keep your wait time to a minimum. However, given the standard occupancy and seating availability in the room, and there could be anywhere from immediate entry to a two hour wait. The receptionist will be able to give you an estimated wait time upon check-in. Typically the longest wait times are at the start of each day and the shortest wait times are at the end of the day.
We do permit you to sign-in and leave the property. Many customers register with us and go to breakfast or lunch at a near-by café.
At check-in you will be asked for your name, address, email address and how you heard about the sale. This information will be used by LAGOS for the next sale. We do not sell, share or swap any personal information – we consider it to be private.
Upon arrival at the 441 N. 5th Street lobby you will be greeted at registration.  You will be given a customer number on a nametag for you to wear. Customers are called to the shopping area of the sale by their number.
Once you enter the sale area you will be able to shop. A tray will be assigned to you to place jewelry that you wish to try on or purchase. Once you have finished shopping you can be escorted to a table where a sales associate can assist you in trying on the jewelry and making selections, or you may go to the register for check-out.
Depending on the occupancy of the room, it can be very busy at a particular jewelry case. We do not rush any of our shoppers and we fully expect everyone to enjoy their Sample Sale experience. To avoid crowding at the counter, we do ask that you be considerate of the space constraints of the sale and to try on your pieces at a table.  

441 north fifth street | between callowhill street and spring garden street |philadelphia pennsylvania |19123